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Tablets for Kids

Tablets for Kids this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching one of the most popular ideas for Christmas presents for the kids is a tablet. There are a number of tablets for kids available. Prices start around $70 and go all the way up to the Apple iPad at $499. But is an iPad really meant for kids?

The two tablets made specifically for kids and which are reasonably priced given that kids are quite capable of breaking stuff are the uDraw Tablet ($70), the VTech InnoTab ($79)

uDraw Tablet

The uDraw tablet was originally launched in 2010 and intended for the Wii, it is now trying to break into new markets. Its latest version includes support for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is ideal if you already have access to these consoles. The uDraw tablet allows kids to interact with games via its touch screen and stylus. It has motion controls, touch input, HD output, the uDraw tablet is a capable device for its price.
Touch Screen Creativity - the uDraw GameTablet responds directly to your touch.
Built-In Controller Functions - Xbox 360 and PS3 controls are integrated thus eliminating the need to dock a controller.
Tilt Functionality - Tilt, shake and jump through games with enhanced tilt and motion features.
Pressure-Sensitive Stylus - providing amazing freedom to bring your creations to the screen in detail.

VTech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet

VTech's InnoTab tailors apps for kids via its 5-inch screen. It offers interactive e-books, learning games, and a range of other creative apps, it is a good tablet and the price won't break the bank.
5" color touch screen and tilt-sensor for educational gameplay
E-books, educational games, creative activities, learning apps and more available on cartridge
4 different media players e-book reader, MP3 music player, photo viewer and video player
64MB onboard memory and SD card slot for memory expansion
Learning toy connects to PC/Mac with included USB cable

Apart from these two you are left with the adult tablets that can be used by kids

Kindle Fire

Nook Tablet

Xoom Tablet

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