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What is Google Chrome Netbook?

Cheap Netbooks - What is a Google Chrome Netbook?

Google Chrome netbooks - what are they and why all the fuss? First things first, you won't be able to buy one for this Christmas as they are still in beta and Chrome netbooks for the public are not expected until early 2011, so if you are looking for a netbook for Christmas then check out here netbook for Christmas or you can directly check out one of the top selling netbooks on Amazon.

So what is Google Chrome ? Chrome is an operating system that is based on Linux, but it does not operate like Windows - as it is in fact a Web browser that boots your PC. So instead of botting up your PC then clicking on a browser to get on the Internet, a Chrome netbok will boot up directly with an Internet browser and get you straight onto the Internet.

You can't install software on a Chrome netbook, but like a machine with an iPhone / iPad app functionality, Chrome netbooks will extend the functionality via Chrome apps. The result should be a faster experience, optimized for people who use their netbooks on the go and get their programs from the 'cloud' i.e. the Internet.

The Chrome netbook appears to be somewhere between a Windows or Linux-based device, and tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad. It should look like a traditional netbook, with the instant-on, browser-centric apps environment of a tablet.

What most people are interested in of course is how much a Chrome netbook will cost and whether there will be a monthly fee associated with the use of a specific wireless carrier to provide mobile Web access. At the moment you can get the cheaper netbooks for less than $200 and browse the web for free. Google will need to make the price attractive if it is to entice customers into their web.

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