Saturday, December 19

Best Netbook Deals and Bargains

Best Netbook Computer Deals - Samsung N130-13B

Looking for a netbook for kids this Christmas or even for yourself but don't want to break the bank ? Then take a look at the Samsung N130-13B netbook computer deal which is being offered with a reduction of $70 - $80 by some online sites, including Amazon. This means you can get the netbook fcomputer or $279 which compares to $328 for the Dell Mini Nickelodeon and $345 for the Asus Disney Netpal.

The Samsung N130-13B is a reliable, ultra-mobile state-of-the-art netbook. It is powered by the Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor and is fitted with 1GB of DDR2 memory, which makes it an excellent netbook for light computing on the go, which is after all what netbooks were designed for. If you want something more powerful then you need to go for a proper laptop.

The N130-13B has a non-glossy 10.1" widescreen LCD display with 1024x600 resolution. In addition, the keyboard is almost full-size which is a plus.

It has integrated 802.11b/g/n wireless, 0.3 MP webcam, and media card reader and a 160GB hard drive. It runs under Windows XP SP3 Home Edition and weighs only 2.82 pounds. Other features are USB ports, VGA output etc.... Battery life is stated as up to 5.8 hours.

1.6GHz Intel N270 Atom Processor
160GB Hard Drive
1GB Memory
10.1" LED Widescreen Display, Intel GMA 950 Graphics
Microsoft XP Home (SP3), Up to 5.8 Hours of Battery Life

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If you are looking for netbooks for kids that are more colorful and with slightly more kids appeal then you could take a look at the Asus Disney Netpal or the Dell Mini Nickelodeon - if you like the idea of owning a Ferrari then check out the Acer Ferrari

Tuesday, December 15

Cherrypal's Cheap Netbook for 99USD

Cherrypal Africa Cheap Netbook

Best Netbooks - Cherrypal's Cheap Netbook for under $100

Cherrypal Inc. has just announced the launch of its netbook which it has named Africa. It may not be one of the best netbooks around but it certainly is good value for money and one of the cheapest netbooks currently available under $100. It is not, however, the absolute cheapest netbook available, that honor goes to the Menq EasyPC E790 at just S80 - for more information on the Menq see cheap netbook for under $100.

The Cherrypal Africa has a very small screen measuring just 7 inches (diagonally) a 400 MHz processor with 256 GB RAM, 2 GB flash memory and runs under Linux or Windows CE operating systems. It is also said to be environmentally-friendly, consuming the least amount of power possible and using fewer parts than netbooks from other manufacturers. The lithium battery (included) will give you four hours use.

According to Cherrypal the Africa is a mini netbook computer named after the company's initiative in Ghana aimed at building communities. "The company ... also relies on wind energy to power its Web site." So if saving the planet is an issue for you but you still want to access the Internet then the Cherrypal Africa could be what you are looking for.

The Menq EasyPC E790 also has a 7" screen but only half the memory, neither of these would claim to be one of the best netbooks money can buy but at under $100 they will certainly be attractive to a lot of people.

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Friday, December 11

Best Netbooks Asus T91 Tablet

Best Netbooks - Asus EEE PC T91 Video Review

The Asus Eee PC T91 is one of the best netbooks available at the moment - according to Asus it will revolutionize netbooks. It is both a netbook and a tablet and the best way to see this is to watch the video below.

The key characteristics are :

•Panel rotates 180-degrees into tablet mode
•8.9-inch touchscreen-enhanced Eee PC
•Battery life - 5 hours
•Energy-efficient Intel Atom Z520 processor
•Exclusive touch-optimized software suite
•52GB Storage = 16GB SSD + 16GB SD Card + 20GB Eee online Storage
•Stylus for extra precision
•Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth v2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g/n

Asus Eee PC T91 Video

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Further details of the Asus T91 - Asus T91 Netbook

Monday, December 7

Best Netbooks Samsung N310

In the market for a netbook? Then why not go for one of the best netbooks currently available - the Samsung N310 Not only is it powerful for a netbook they also went to the trouble of getting Japanese artists Naoto Fukasawa to design it - now that's got to be worth something ! In their words the Samsung N310Best NEtbooks Samsung N310 "features smoothly rounded edges that resemble a pebble that's been worn down by wind and waterfall" that sounds like sort of thing a Japanese designer would say. We say it's a computer in a clamshell that does what it says on the shell.

Best Netbooks - Samsung N310

It comes in sunset orange, midnight blue, mint blue. The keyboard and screen bezel are however jet black which creates a snazzy eye-popping color scheme.

The rocker-bar style mouse is not so hot for a netbook that would like to be one of the best netbooks on the market, but we would have preferred separate left and right buttons.

The keys on the flat-topped keyboard that are similar to a Sony Vaio. Typing is comfortable, and important keys are pretty large.

The screeen is 10.1" LED with a 1,024x600 resolution, which is pretty standard for netbooks, although some netbooks often have 1,366x768 screens, particularly the more expensive ones.

Audio Stereo speakers, headphone/microphone jacks headphone/microphone jacks
Video VGA-out VGA Best Netbooks Samsung N310
Data 3 USB 2.0, SD card reader 2 USB 2.0, SD card reader
Networking Ethernet, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Optical drive DVD burner None

The Samsung N310 is fitted with the Intel Atom N270 processor and 1GB of RAM and both perform the same as on other similar netbooks.

Battery life is around 5 hours 30 minutes, with a 6-cell battery (included).

All in all a pretty good netbook as long as you remember that a net book is not a noteook and was never meant to be for the difference between netbooks and notebooks see - netbook or notebook. The Samsung N310 is however one of the best netbooks around but you might like to check out the Acer Ferrari Netbook if you like really bright colours !

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Friday, December 4

Best Netbooks for Christmas

Best Netbooks for Christmas

Looking for the best netbook as a Christmas present, or possibly the cheapest netbook or the best netvertible ? Then this video will give you a very good idea of what you should be Father Christmas Santa Claus Pere Noellooking for. It lists a number of netbooks, all of them very good, and shows what they look like and why they are good, and which are the best netbooks in specific categories. An easy enough concept but a very good video, very clear and easy to understand with a pretty girl from Netbooknews doing all the talking ! Excellent tips too.

If you are too impatient to check out the video then you can read the list of netbooks the video lady recommendsAsus 1008HA Netbook.

ASUS Eee PC 1008HA - excellent keyboard, really slim and lightweight - 6 hour battery life


Toshiba NB200 or 205 - excellent battery life of 8 hours - large trackpad great keyboard - amazing quality

Hannspree Hanns Note - high quality - ultra light - only $300 -

Samsung N130-13B - great quality - $300

HP mini 5101 - great keyboard - hd 7200 rpm great for business

HP mini 311 - great keyboard - excellent screen - nvidia ion graphics card $425

Samsung 510 great quality - more expensive


Lenovo S10-2 - nice colorful lids - very slim


Gigabyte t1028

She also pointed out that Windows 7 Starter is no good for netbooks and to be avoided at all costs - make sure you get Windows 7 Home Premium - we pointed this out in a previous post but it is worth repeating


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Best Netbooks for Kids

Thursday, December 3

Best Netbooks for Kids

Asus Disney Netpal Netbook for Kids

Best Netbooks for Kids - Disney or Nickelodeon?

Christmas is fast approaching again and you may be looking for a netbook for your significant small ones and wondering which are the best netbooks for kids. You will be pleased to learn that not all netbooks are black.

If you are looking for netbooks designed specifically for kids you basically have a choice of two. The Asus Disney Netpal and the Dell Nickelodeon .

These netbooks look good (from a kids' point of view) and are designed to be practical and robust - taking into consideration things such as :
  • Internet Security/parental controls, there are places after all that kids shouldn't be visiting;
  • durability, netbooks for kids need to be tough; size, netbooks vary in size from 8" screens up to 12";
  • price.
The Asus Disney Netpal has an 8.9" screen, Windows XP Home, a spill-proof keyboard and ShockShield data protection. It is available in either Magic Blue or Princess Pink
Dell Mini Inspiron Nickelodeon Netbook for Kids
- price around $345 at Amazon. For further details see - Asus Disney Netpal Netbook

The Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition is marketed with the slogan "have the slime of your life". It has a 10.1" screen - slightly larger than the Asus Netpal. Internal 802.11b/g WiFi, a 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB ports, plus optional external DVD drive and a 160GB hard drive. The keyboard is spill-resistant. Price around $328. For further details see - Dell Nickeloden Inspiron Netbook

For further details from Amazon click here - Asus Disney Netpal

There are other netbooks that kids can use but as far as netbooks for kids are concerned these two seem to have the market to themselves at the moment.
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Tuesday, December 1

Best Netbooks | Asus Eee PC T91MT

Looking for a netbook computer for Christmas ? ASUS has launched the Eee PC T91MT, the smallest convertible netbook with a multi-touch screen that supports Windows 7 Multi-Touch.

Best Netbooks - Asus Eee PC T91MT Multi-Touch

Asus Eee PC T91MT Netbook
It is aimed at students and professionals who have to take notes or make one-to-one presentations, the Eee PC T91MT is one of the slimmest and best netbooks available with Windows 7 Home Premium (do not get Windows 7 Starter Version by the way you will only regret it) - it is just 1" thick and weighs less than 1 kg -- it reproduces handwriting and lets you to perform tasks intuitively using just your fingers (as oppose dto some netbooks which require you to use your toes too?).

The multi-touch capabilities of the Asus Eee PC T91MT netbook are enhanced by a comprehensive suite of preinstalled software optimised for touch. The Eee PC T91MT is designed for people on the move and has a shockproof 32GB Solid State Drive and an additional 500GB of online WebStorage.

One more reason why it is one of the best netbooks around is that it is dual purpose, in tablet form it can be used as an e-reader, in netbook mode it is a great tool for discussions, as the screen swivels for use by more than one person, and it can also accept touch input from more than one person.

The Eee PC T91MT netbook supports Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures, so that almost every task can be carried out just by tapping, dragging, pinching or flicking. Games become much more interactive and documents can be flipped through with fingers as if they were real books.

Users can also carry out a whole host of tasks with their fingertips, such as editing photos using FotoFun, taking notes and writing handwritten reminders with Memos.

The Eee PC T91MT has a 8.9" multi-touch screen that allows drawing on its 8.9-inch WSVGA LCD panel with 1024 X 600 resolutions. It features basic wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n for easy network connectivity, and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR wireless technologies. It also has a 0.3 megapixel built-in camera module, USB 2.0 host and Ethernet ports, two USB ports, stereo speakers, built in Digital Array Mic Interface, a D-sub 15-pin connector for an external monitor and a VGA Connector.

One LAN RJ-45 port, two audio jacks and an MMC/SD (SDHC) card reader. Battery life is up to 5 hours on the power of the Li-polymer battery. For a video presentation of the Asus Tablet Netbook see Asus T91 Netbook

The retail price of the Eee PC T91MT netbook is currently $530, not cheap but it does have some exciting features and is preloaded with Windows 7 making it one of the best netbooks available, the only problem is it may prove hard to actually get hold of one. Alternative is the Acer Ferrari Laptop

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Asus Disney Netpal Netbook for kids