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Best Notebooks Acer Ferrari One

Best Netbooks More Popular than Ever - Acer not Asus Leads the Pack

Acer Ferrari One 200 Netbook
If you are looking for one of the best netbooks on the market then take a look at the stunning Acer Ferrari One below ! Cnet UK says the Acer Ferrari One uses AMD's new netbook processor, the Athlon X2 L310 in preference to Intel's offering, as a result, this along with its impressive graphics, makes the Acer Ferrari One the "fastest and best netbook we've ever tested".  [NB : The Ferrari Netbook is made by Acer not Asus]
But first some netbook facts and figures
  • 13.5 million netbooks were sold globally in the first six months of 2009
  • over 50 telcos have started selling subsidized netbooks
  • established PC makers like Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Lenovo are late to the party and are playing catch up
  • the rise of netbooks is forcing down the price of notebooks and laptops
  • Netbooks are used more often than notebooks in public places
  • $100-$200 is the preferred price range for subsidized netbooks
  • there is Netbook available for $80 with no subsidy from a telco - click here for the cheapest netbook ever
(................. Acer Ferrari One Netbook)
In Europe the most popular netbooks by far are made by Acer, not by Asus who actually invented them

Analysts from Canalys Mobility Forum said Acer had 32.4% of the netbook market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in the third quarter of 2009.

Asus has 19.6% of the market. Samsung, has 12% of the market in, Toshiba has 4.2% and Dell has 3.5%.

Shipments of netbooks are at 3.7 million into EMEA for the third quarter, which is almost 70% more than last year.

Netbooks now account for 14% of all PCs shipped during the quarter, up from 8%.

Acer Ferrari One Netbook

According to some the Acer Ferrari One is one of the best netbooks ever made - it certainly looks the part !

If you want a Ferrari and you like red, then the Acer Ferrari is the netbook for you.
Acer Ferrari One 200 Netbook
According to CNET it is not just a pretty Ferrari case it is also a fabulous netbook with a huge keyboard for easy typing.

The Acer Ferrari One uses the much faster AMD 2nd Generation Ultra-thin Platform (Congo) and AMD Athlon X2 L310 dual core processor, plus ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics which gives a lot more graphics power than ordinary netbooks. It also has a 11.6” 16:9 Hi-definition display with Acer CrystalEye™ video camera, Dolby®Home Theater®v3 and 5-hour battery life.

It also has 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, plus a unique feature an ATI XGP graphics port, that lets you connect more powerful external graphics cards.

Cnet were so impressed they said the Acer Ferrari One is “arguably the best netbook we have ever tested”

Acer Ferrari One Netbook Specifications

Processor and chipset AMD Athlon™ X2 dual-core processor L310, supporting AMD HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology
AMD M780G Chipset
Memory Up to 4GB of DDR2 667/800 MHZ memory
HDD 160 GB or larger
Display 11.6” HD 1366 x 768 (WXGA) pixel resolution
Graphics ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 Graphics up to 2GB of HyperMemory™
Audio Optimized 3rd Generation Dolby Home Theater® audio enhancement
2 Built-in stereo speakers,
Acer Crystal Eye webcam,
WPAN1: Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR
56 W 5600 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack (5-hour battery life)
Dimensions 11.22 x 8.03 x 0.9/1.2 inches,
Weight 1.5 kg (3.31 lbs.) with 6-cell battery
Options Acer DynaVivid Graphics Dock, 1 GB / 2 GB DDR2 667/800 MHz soDIMM module, 6-cell Li-ion battery pack, 3-pin 65 W AC adapter, External USB HDD

Video of the Acer Ferrari One 200 - in German for some reason ! But you get a free German lesson thrown in for nothing.

If you would rather have a Lamborghini than a Ferrari then check out the Asus Lamborghini VX6 netbook

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