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Best Netbooks for Kids

Asus Disney Netpal Netbook for Kids

Best Netbooks for Kids - Disney or Nickelodeon?

Christmas is fast approaching again and you may be looking for a netbook for your significant small ones and wondering which are the best netbooks for kids. You will be pleased to learn that not all netbooks are black.

If you are looking for netbooks designed specifically for kids you basically have a choice of two. The Asus Disney Netpal and the Dell Nickelodeon .

These netbooks look good (from a kids' point of view) and are designed to be practical and robust - taking into consideration things such as :
  • Internet Security/parental controls, there are places after all that kids shouldn't be visiting;
  • durability, netbooks for kids need to be tough; size, netbooks vary in size from 8" screens up to 12";
  • price.
The Asus Disney Netpal has an 8.9" screen, Windows XP Home, a spill-proof keyboard and ShockShield data protection. It is available in either Magic Blue or Princess Pink
Dell Mini Inspiron Nickelodeon Netbook for Kids
- price around $345 at Amazon. For further details see - Asus Disney Netpal Netbook

The Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition is marketed with the slogan "have the slime of your life". It has a 10.1" screen - slightly larger than the Asus Netpal. Internal 802.11b/g WiFi, a 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB ports, plus optional external DVD drive and a 160GB hard drive. The keyboard is spill-resistant. Price around $328. For further details see - Dell Nickeloden Inspiron Netbook

For further details from Amazon click here - Asus Disney Netpal

There are other netbooks that kids can use but as far as netbooks for kids are concerned these two seem to have the market to themselves at the moment.
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