Tuesday, May 31

New Cheap Asus Netbook Under $200

Cheap Netbooks - Asus Launches New Cheap Netbook Under $200

If you are looking for a cheap netbook for under 200 dollars then things may have just got easier! Asus has just launched its latest ultra-thin ultra-cheap 10.1" Eee netbook the Eee PC X101 -see video below.

Asus Eee PC X101 Cheap Netbook
It will be offered with either Windows 7 or Intel's MeeGo and the MeeGO version will cost under $200. In many ways it is reminiscent of the 11" MacBook Air, except it is around 80% cheaper! The Eee PC X101 is a cheap entry-level netbook that is nevertheless very high quality.

It is based around an Intel Atom N435 Oak Trail (1.33 GHz) processor with integrated GMA 60 graphics chip and a WiFi connection, with a choice of HDD or SSD configurations, with the SSD you get the same instant-on experience as with the iPad 2 and Apple MacBook Air. It is just 17.6mm thick and weighs just under 1 kg, so very lightweight for carrying around.

It could be that the success of tablets has forced netbook manufacturers to look again at their prices, which I ahve always found a bit excessive, but at under 200 dollars the Eee PC X101 offers great value for netbook buyers.

The launch date for the Eee PC X101 is not known yet but Asus tend to just make them available at places like Amazon without a great deal of forewarning so you just need to check to see if they are there yet - Amazon.

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