Tuesday, December 15

Cherrypal's Cheap Netbook for 99USD

Cherrypal Africa Cheap Netbook

Best Netbooks - Cherrypal's Cheap Netbook for under $100

Cherrypal Inc. has just announced the launch of its netbook which it has named Africa. It may not be one of the best netbooks around but it certainly is good value for money and one of the cheapest netbooks currently available under $100. It is not, however, the absolute cheapest netbook available, that honor goes to the Menq EasyPC E790 at just S80 - for more information on the Menq see cheap netbook for under $100.

The Cherrypal Africa has a very small screen measuring just 7 inches (diagonally) a 400 MHz processor with 256 GB RAM, 2 GB flash memory and runs under Linux or Windows CE operating systems. It is also said to be environmentally-friendly, consuming the least amount of power possible and using fewer parts than netbooks from other manufacturers. The lithium battery (included) will give you four hours use.

According to Cherrypal the Africa is a mini netbook computer named after the company's initiative in Ghana aimed at building communities. "The company ... also relies on wind energy to power its Web site." So if saving the planet is an issue for you but you still want to access the Internet then the Cherrypal Africa could be what you are looking for.

The Menq EasyPC E790 also has a 7" screen but only half the memory, neither of these would claim to be one of the best netbooks money can buy but at under $100 they will certainly be attractive to a lot of people.

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  1. Everybody is looking for a niche.

    Will it work with my DIGISTOR external DVD drive?

  2. Hi John, Like you say people are looking for niches ! Will the Cherrypal work with yoru DIGISTOR, unfortunately I don't know, I suspect not given that it's just a netbook, but you should get in touch with Cherrypal and see what they say.