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Choosing a Netbook or Notebook

Netbooks or Notebooks ?

Should I buy a netbook or a notebook /Netbook Notebook Difference laptop?

Want to buy a netbook or a notebook? It is important to understand that a netbook is not a small notebook and far less a small desktop computer. Netbooks and notebooks are totally different animals, so which one you should buy depends on what you want to do.

What are the differences between a netbook and a notebook ?

First - netbooks are a lot smaller. A netbook screen goes from 7 to 10 inches - a notebook screen starts at 12.1 inches and can go as high as 21 inches.

Second - netbooks have less storage space, generally 4GB or up to 64GB - notebooks go from 80GB to 320 GB

Third - netbooks are not portable computers you can use for watching movies or videos or for playing games or using photoshop, Word or Excel - netbooks are designed for netcentric computing - i.e. stuff you do on the net that doesn't require much power, surfing, reading and checking your email

Fourth - the processor in a netbook is generally an Intel Atom that runs at 1.6 GHz, it is not fast but it does the basics

Fifth - netbooks do not have DVD drives or CD drives, notebooks do.

Sixth - price, netbooks cost around $300 - $500, laptops start at around $600

Seventh - batteries, netbook batteries last longer i.e. 6 - 10 hours on 1 charge due to their ultralow voltage processors and everything being efficient, a netbook runs cool so it doesn't need large fans. Batteries on notebooks only last on average between 2 and 4 hours

So there you have it, if you want a proper computer go for a notebook, but if you want something small, light and highly portable to let you check your email, twitter and chat while you are on the move, without the need for a recharger in your pocket, then go for a netbook !

Check out my new best mate Albert for a good descriptive video of the differences

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